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A mixed economy and a well-sustained and maintained banking system has turned Canada into one of the 10 leading economies of the world. The Toronto Stock Exchange has over 1,500 companies listed since 2012 and is the 7th largest in the world. The overall economy of Canada is estimated to be the 11th largest in the world. The Canadian GDP in 2012 was $1.82 trillion. The national currency is the Canadian dollar.

Service industry employs over 75% of the country's population, with an overall economy based on industry. Logging and oil industry are the largest industries in the country, even though mining has gained a popular place in recent years as well. Zinc, Uranium, gold, aluminum, iron ore, coal and steel are also major exports the country offers.

Following Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, Canada is the world's third largest oil reserve. It's also the world's third largest energy exporter, mainly due to its oil reserves and natural gas deposits. Canada is a part of the G8, having a significant worldwide importance, mainly due to its economic status.

Even though it was hit, as all other countries have been, in 2008 by the financial crisis, recent years have brought a significant increase in GDP and a lowering of unemployment rates. To further manage the problems caused by the recession, it is looking to increase relations with China in order to increase exports of oil so that the economy can be stabilized some more. Slow growth is still an effect of the financial crisis.