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British Columbia Web Directory

The most western of Canada's provinces, British Columbia is home to mountains, coast, and much beautiful wildlife. It contains seven national parks and a number of provincial parks as well as other areas of protected land.

A wide array of mammals, birds, and fish, some of which are rare in other parts of North America, flourish within its borders, making British Columbia a delightful visit for naturalists and outdoors enthusiasts.

British Columbia directory
British Columbia

Besides its natural beauty, British Columbia also contains vibrant cities, including its largest city, Vancouver, which was home to the most recent winter Olympics. Vancouver is known for its multicultural diversity, with over half the population speaking a first language other than English.

As a seacoast city, Vancouver also has a milder climate than many other parts of Canada. Fishing, boating, skiing, and cycling are all popular Vancouver pastimes.

The smaller but capital city of British Columbia, Victoria, is known for its lovely gardens. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, a little over sixty miles from Vancouver, which is located on the mainland. Both cities are within easy reach of Seattle, Washington, either by air or by ferry.