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North America is the 3 rd largest continent in the planet and is located in the northern and also western hemispheres. About 24,709,000 square kilometers, it covers 4.8 % of world's total surface area.

North America map
North America

It is surrounded by the Atlantic-Ocean in the east, Arctic Ocean in the North and Pacific Ocean in the west and south. It is subdivided into 23 independent states with the United States, Greenland, Mexico, Canada, and Cuba being the major countries. You will find that a lot of people like to vacation all over since there are so many different climates. If you are looking for a more tropical vacation, you can find cheap flights to Florida and enjoy warm weather almost year round. Then there are places that have bigger cities where the weather is cooler like Chicago or Boston.

North America hosts some of the major mountain peaks like the Mt. McKinley (6194 m) in the Alaska Range, the Mt. Logan (5956 m) in Yukon. The Mississippi, Brazos, Churchill, Columbia and Colorado are the famous rivers of North America.

Lake Superior is the largest lake in the North America. It has a population of 530 million people which is the 4th largest after Asia, Africa and Europe. The climatic condition of North America is primarily cool and humid while desert regions have semiarid climate.

The world's greatest deposits of Natural gas and Petroleum are seen in the State of Mexico. The prevalent languages are English, French and Spanish. Culturally and Socially, the North America represents a well defined entity.


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    An organization that offers information on history, arts, resources and news.

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    Official website of united mine workers of America.

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