This website offers several holiday options for people who want to visit and stay in Cornwall. There are several options presented on the landing page which offer hotels, cottages, holiday parks and B&Bs available in Cornwall. You can uncheck the options which don’t interest you and be left with the ones that do.

In terms of design, there are a lot of useful details like pictures, short descriptions and extensive descriptions that should facilitate the decision you’re about to make. Aside from the fact that there seems to be a slight design problem with the page displayed in the Google Chrome browser, the website seems pretty well-built and managed. Browsing flows naturally and the interface is pretty intuitive, allowing you to dwell on details or simply go for whatever you want or catches your eye directly.

There are also several locations you can base your search on, like North, South, West or all of Cornwall, by using the dropdown menu below the aforementioned accommodation search boxes containing the types of resorts you’re seeking.

Each of the accommodation options are presented in an orderly fashion, portraying all sorts of details pertaining to the specific location. For example, you’ll be able to read up on the amenities the location disposes of, as well as several other worthwhile details. Pictures are also provided, alongside a map for easier route planning. A price range is also provided for each option, with the final price defined by the exact timeframe you’re looking to rent it for.

All in all, the website delivers its message accordingly and the interface allows users to quickly find a suitable option for them. Surely enough, the search features help greatly in coming up with a fast list of viable options.

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