Marketing for Travel and Tourism Websites

Tourism is one of UK's most profitable industries. Currently 1 of 12 jobs in the country is significantly supported by tourism, statistics showing that tourism is a major part of UK's economy. In 2009 the tourism industry brought approximately 8.9% of the county's GDP. Annually, for each country, tourism is worth billions to the economy.

In England tourism brings £96.7 billion amounting 8.6% of GDP, Scotland makes £11.1 billion from tourism totaling 10.4% of GDP, tourism offers Wales 13.3% of its GDP by earning the country approximately £6.2 billion and in Northern Ireland tourism is equivalent to 4.9% of GDP, bringing £1.5 billion.

In 2012, the UK made well over £23 billion solely from overnight tourism. A 2012 statistic shows that the top 3 non-resident visitors in the UK, judging by their visiting frequency, are of French, German and US citizenship.

UK's most visited cities are: London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol. The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions released the 2012 top 5 UK attraction judging by the number of visitor admissions.

The British Museum holds 1st place with a total of 5.6 million visitor admissions and the V&A (South Kensington) is at number 5 with 3.2 million visitor admissions.

In 2012 the UK was awarded the 8th position in both the UNWTO international tourist arrivals league and the international tourism earnings league.


  • Armco Barrier
    PPS supply quality Armco Barrier products as well as offering installation, operating throughout the UK.

  • Armco Barrier Supplies
    UK based suppliers of crash barriers and crash barriers posts. All of their products are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure their reliability. As well as delivering a high quality product, they also ensure fast delivery to destinations throughout the UK.

  • Destinations
    Holiday and travel exhibition that takes place twice a year in London each February and in Birmingham each March.

  • Follow the Brown Signs
    Aims to help tourists discover new places of interest by following the brown tourist signs around the UK.

  • Holiday Truths
    Specializes in holiday reviews; includes a blog and an active travel forum.

  • Secret Escapes
    Official website of members-only travel club offers discounts on hand-picked luxury hotels and holidays.

  • Stay in Cornwall
    Offers several holiday options for people who want to visit and stay in Cornwall.

  • Stuff Your Rucksack
    Interactive travel site matches travelers with helpful items they can deliver to charities on their way.

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    Offers information about ten of England's most prestigious stately homes.