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Transport systems in the United Kingdom are diverse and complex, as the country boasts several means of transportation such as buses, urban rails, railways, ferries or air transport.

The urban rail is a popular way of transportation in the UK, as such rail services are constantly used by many in order to get from central business districts to other locations and suburbs and vice versa. Urban rail networks can be found in the following cities: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester.

Air transport in the UK is a busy business, as the country has a total of 471 airports and airfields, plus 11 heliports. The Heathrow Airport in London is the busiest airport in the world. In 2012, the number of Heathrow's passengers was well over 70,000,000.

A total of 95% of freight enters the UK by sea, the main ports being the Port of Felixstowe, the Port of Tillbury and the Southampton. The country's port network receives goods in the amount of millions and millions tones every year. Ferries for both people and vehicles are at the passenger's disposal, all over UK's waters.

UK's radial road network consists of over 46,904 kilometers of main roads, 344,000 kilometers of paved road and 3,497 kilometers of motorways.