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Currently the real estate market in the UK is rather unstable. As of August 2013, the Office for National Statistics released for public information that while house prices are increasing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, they are not dealing with the same situation in Scotland, where the house prices are still falling.

On the other hand, the ONS also declared that UK has reached a peak, stating that the average price of a house or an apartment is now £247,000, the highest amount since 1968 when the index was first calculated.

Either you wish to buy or rent an apartment or a house, you already know that this is a delicate subject. In today's economy no such decision should be made without giving it a second thought or without doing your "homework" first. The section that covers real estate in the UK was conceived with the mere intent of providing you with all the resources you may want to consult prior to investing in a real estate.

As this applies to both potential home and business owners, you will be able to find here legitimate UK real estate information. If you are interested in properties for sell, new homes, foreclosed houses or properties to rent, even if you're looking for an estate agent or a letting agent, this directory is at your disposal.

Although not cheap, not all houses and apartments in the UK are unaffordable.

Depending on the area you choose, the distance and proximity to big urban business centers, you can find a great variety of prices. Of course, prices are not the same throughout the United Kingdom, the real estate market changing from country to country in these devolved territories.