Avant Gardening's Home Avant-Gardening proves an effective and innovative project aimed at engaging a diverse range of community members with environmental, communication, and sustainability issues. It uses a multi-faceted approach that includes art, gardening, nature-based activities, and play. The project appeal extends from young to old, fostering a sense of community and collaborative spirit.

Home Avant-Gardening utilizes workshops and activities that are not only insightful and educational, but also infused with fun and creativity. Participants are encouraged to explore their responses to shared environments in a creative manner. The focus is on public spaces and inter-personal relationships, leading to a fresh perspective on their local environment and their roles within it.

Underpinning the success of this initiative is the Avant-Gardening collective of artists and curators. These individuals are all seasoned practitioners of socially-engaged collaborative arts. Selected for the innovation in their practices and dedication to broadening access to the arts, they infuse the project with expertise and creativity.

Home Avant-Gardening also leverages the potential of digital platforms, allowing users to join on Facebook and follow on Twitter for updates and to engage with the project. Over the past few years, a range of interesting and diverse activities, such as 'Where to now the Sequins Have Gone?' and 'Secrets of the Deep,' amongst others, have been undertaken, reflecting the project's ongoing commitment to community engagement.

In conclusion, Home Avant-Gardening stands as a trailblazing project. Through its judicious blend of practical activities and expert-led workshops, it invites community members to engage with prevalent issues of environmental sustainability and communication, while also sparking creativity. The project's impact is not just to educate, but to inspire and invigorate its participants, fostering a renewed appreciation for their urban spaces and relationships within them.