LonDEC, opened in late 2009, is a state-of-the-art education and training centre meant to foster and instil extra skills and knowledge to the entire dental team all over UK.

It is a £2.4 million highly rated ISO certified education centre which is purposed for training healthcare professionals, improving clinical leadership through unveiled opportunities and driving clinical standards for exemplary personal and continuous professional development.

LonDEC is a joint venture between the NHS London Deanery and King’s College London. Together, through this partnership, they offer unprecedented wide range of Dental Courses. It is also an ample venue for post-graduate education plus continuing professional development for each and every member in the entire dental team.

They have up to date medical training facilities to ensure effective delivery of service to the dental team. LonDEC is based in the Franklin-Wilkins building of King’s Waterloo Campus some meters away from the Waterloo mainline station. 

This London Dental Education Centre prides of its location which supports exclusive training that helps in the development of new, advanced and practical skills in the modern dentistry. More and more new dental and general healthcare courses are introduced each year to enhance specialty in dentistry.