This is a Scotland based dental implant clinic which services the entire Scotland and even beyond. Their team leader Dr Bruce Strickland, who is the principal Implantologist as well as a lecturer and member of Institute of Implantology, is a dedicated individual who observes all healthcare ethics besides guiding the rest of his team. 

He is also on the board of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry in which his work mainly is to mentor other dental professionals who wants to join Implantology. The entire team of the clinic offers all aspects of implant treatment within their state of the art facility.

Reconstructive dentistry is what many patients want, and that is exactly what the entire team of Care Dental Implant Clinic offers. Some of the reconstructive dental problems they fix include missing teeth, worn down teeth, crowns breaking, spaces appearing where the gum used to be, teeth tipping forward and ground down teeth. These dental implants are merely part of the larger reconstruction process.

Doctors at this clinic boast of their excellence in treating the root causes of dental complaints as well as their ability to restore patients back into their healthy dental state. The dental technicians offer unparalleled service by employing their experience in the dentistry. The technicians, the patient and the doctor communicate very effectively that the overall service beats the expectations of the patient.