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In the UK each country has its own education system, operating under the country's respective government. Being a devolved matter, education in the UK has no uniformed general rules.

The Secretary of State for Education handles education in England, the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning is in charge of education in Scotland, the Welsh Government is responsible for the education system in Wales, while education in Northern Ireland is handled by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Employment and Learning.

With education being mandatory from ages 5 to 16, most children attend state-sector schools, but unfortunately not a big percentage of them achieve academic success later on. Nonetheless, the UK holds a 99% literacy rate. State-funded schools hold the majority when talking about England's education.

There are currently 6 main types of schools funded by local authorities in England, from community to voluntary aid or free schools. Some of the worldwide renowned universities are in England, like the prestigious Cambridge University, Oxford University or the Imperial College London.

In what regards Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the education systems are extremely diverse, depending on the country's heritage, local administration and overall religious view.

Exceptionally good universities can be found in each of these devolved territories, for example Queen's University, Belfast in Northern Ireland, University of St Andrews in Scotland or the Cardiff University in Wales.