The Centre for Social and Environmental Research (CSEAR) is an international membership-based network based at the University of St Andrews. The primary goal of CSEAR is to enable a more sustainable society through the application of accounting scholarship. They facilitate this by encouraging and supporting high-quality, relevant research and teaching that aligns with policy and practice, hence contributing to the creation of a sustainable world.

CSEAR offers multiple benefits and resources for its members, mainly revolving around the development of knowledge and expertise in the accounting field, along with resources for further research and learning. This supportive network also focuses on mentoring and career development, making it a valuable platform for both individuals seeking professional growth and organisations aiming for sustainability in their operations.

To facilitate communication and dissemination of information, CSEAR also runs a regularly updated blog featuring content from different contributors. In these blog articles, diverse topics pertaining to social and environmental research in the realm of accounting are covered, providing readers with fresh insights and updates on industry trends. The blog also includes tributes to key figures in the field, such as the tribute to Professor Michael John Jones.

In addition, the network provides a digital platform for the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal (SEAJ). Membership of CSEAR offers access to this academic journal, further broadening the scope of resources available for members to tap into.

However, it is worth mentioning that visits to their Twitter accounts highlighted an issue regarding authentication, indicating a potential error with their social media integration.

In conclusion, CSEAR provides a important platform for the merging of accounting scholarship with sustainability initiatives. Its commitment to fostering high-quality research and providing resources for its members makes it a valuable resource in the field of accounting and sustainability.