Global Investigations is a UK-based private detective agency that is registered, licensed, and highly regarded. The agency provides a wide spectrum of investigative services, both to private individuals and commercial entities. The detectives linked with Global Investigations have the proficiency to carry out thorough investigations maintaining discretion throughout the procedure.

Various private services offered by Global Investigations are inclusive of background checks, matrimonial investigations, covert surveillance, and missing person enquiries. Along with these, it provides other facilities like lifestyle reports, pre-sues, cohabitation surveillance, occupancy and residency confirmation. They are also capable of undertaking various personal searches such as personal banking search, nanny checks, pre-marital background checks, tracing heirs, and parent searching. In addition, they have specialised services like Close Protection Assistance, Doorstep Trace and Contact, and Dating Fraud Tracking.

Commercial services offered range from credit checks, tracing debtors, and employee vetting to more complex tasks like workplace fraud investigations and due diligence. The agency also caters to competitor intelligence, company risk analysis, and threat assessments to provide comprehensive aid to commercial establishments. An additional feature they offer is what is called Know Your Customers (KYC) checks, a notable service for businesses. They also undertake special tasks including mystery shopping, tracking merchandise, garden leave investigations, copyright infringement, landlord and freehold tracing.

Global Investigations has a dedicated legal services department performing criminal court checks and fraud investigations. They also offer technical services including bug sweeping, mobile forensic checks and cyber investigations. They tend to a variety of cybercrimes such as online fraud, dark-web-related issues, online blackmail, and harassment investigations. The company even provides vehicle tracking and more specialised forensic investigations.

With several locations across England in cities like London, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester, Global Investigations showcases both local expertise and an international reach. The detectives are capable of tracing overseas and offer well-rounded services relevant for both domestic and international clients. The agency upholds high standards of professionalism and thoroughness in its services. Many satisfied clients have provided testimonials regarding the agency's efficacy in handling complex and multifaceted investigations.

Business address

Global Investigations
Global House, 1st Floor, 44 Richmond Road,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 073 3555