Locking Wheel Nut Removal is a professional company providing mobile and appointment-based service for the removal of locking wheel nuts from any type of vehicle. This is convenient for customers as they offer their service at various locations such as the customer's home, workplace, garage, or even the roadside.

The firm guarantees a 100% success rate in removal every time, ensuring there is zero damage to the client's alloys. This is achieved by their use of specialist custom-made tools. These tools are designed to handle any type of locking wheel nut or bolt on any vehicle, even if they are damaged or over-tightened, ensuring that the service is applicable to a wide spectrum of clients with varying vehicle types and locking nut issues.

Out of London, the company operates a call centre that connects clients with fully trained wheel nut removers located across the UK. The staff are well trained not only in nuts removal but also in customer interaction, providing friendly service. They also promise no damage to the wheel or rim of the vehicle when removing the locking nut or bolt, utilizing an unbeaten system, which indicates careful thought and development in their removal methods.

They further extend their services to remove lock nuts for customers who have misplaced their locking wheel nut key or have a damaged one. They can even handle stuck sockets and snapped Jaguar wheel nuts.

Locking Wheel Nut Removers are recognized as the official service provider by Main Dealers, indicating trust and reliability of the service in the industry. However, the text does not provide information about pricing or any potential additional charges, which customers may need to inquire about directly. This company caters to a very specific niche of clients who have issues with their vehicle's locking wheel nuts or bolts.

Business address

Locking Wheel Nut Removal
Welsh Side, Goldsmith Avenue,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 08007723862