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Officially known as the Kingdom Of Sweden, Sweden is the biggest of all Nordic countries. It is situated on the borders of Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

The European country is the home of 10 million people with most living in the urban areas. Swedish is the official language used in the country, however, most of the locals also speak English. The country also embraces minor languages such as Romani, Finnish, Sami, Yiddish, and Meänkieli. Some of its cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Like Switzerland, the country has not participated in the 1815 war, despite of the development and military power.


Sweden is under parliamentary democracy, which is divided into: the left-of-centre bloc, which is composed of the Left Party, the Social Democrats, and the Green Party; and the centre-right bloc, which is comprised of the Liberal Party, the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats, and the Centre Party.


Known as a secular country, Sweden is a place full of diverse religions. Christian, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Catholic are the main religions.

The country also celebrates some of the most popular holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer.

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Sweden's climate is divided into three: oceanic climate which occurs in the southern part; humid continental climate which happens in the central part; and subarctic climate which is on the northern part.

Tourist Attractions

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden but apart from this city, Sweden is known for other tourist attractions that would surely captivate both the local and the foreign visitors. Some of Sweden's pride that every traveler should consider include: the fairytale-like palace of Drottningholm which is the home of the Swedish Royal Family; the famous Vasa Museum which has attracted over a 20 million people; the amazing Djurgården park which is more popular during the summer months; Visby, Gotland which is known as "The Pearl Of The Baltic"; the functional and beautiful Gota Canal; the lively Liseberg Theme Park, Gothenburg which offers a wide range of attraction; the magnificent Oresund Bridge, Malmo which connects the country to Denmark; and the Lund Cathedral which is the most visited tourist spot in the country.

Things To Do In Sweden

Sweden is one of the most beautiful places in the world and almost everything inside it is attractive. The place is also perfect for some cultural experiences, adventures, and explorations.

If you're into outdoor activities, some of the activities that you can participate in are fishing, hiking, canoeing and rafting, saunas, and swimming.

Classic Swedish Cuisine

While the country is known for its meatballs, Sweden surely has a wide variety of food to offer. Therefore, you should not leave the place if you've never tried the following: the cinnamon-flavored spiced rolls called Kanelbulle; the yogurt-like Filmjölk which is packed with healthy bacteria; the tasty oatmeal latte for the health conscious; the lavish toast Skagen filled with prawns, fish, mayonnaise, dill, and lemon placed on a well-toasted bread; and the layered sponge, bright green cake Prinsesstårta.