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Spain is located in the southwestern section of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by Portugal, Gibraltar, France and the country of Andorra.

The more popular language is Spanish with Portuguese spoken, as well as other dialects. The Roman Catholic faith is the main religion in this beautiful nation. Many foreign groups occupied Spain, but two were prominent as the forerunners of Spain's dominance and power. They are the Castiles and Arragons dynasties, who ruled from 1035 – 1516, respectively, with a many English rulers.

Spanish web directory

The following dynasties ruled from 1516 – 1975, they include the Habsburg Dynasty, French Dynasty, the intermittent rule of the Bourbon Dynasty, a Second Republic Rule and a Dictatorship.

The current ruler of Spain is King Juan Carlos I, who has been ruling since 1975. The healthy diet in Spain is reported to be one of the healthiest in the world, because of the Spaniards use of fresh fruits, olives, fresh vegetables and fresh seafood served at each meal. Spain's rich soil and landscape, also produces the best regional wines and light beers, worldwide.

Bull fighting remains an historic tradition, with these fiesta loving people, who enjoy family and life. The Euro dollar in Spain is currently low, but optimism with Spaniards is high with an increase in tourism.