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Slovenia is a Republic state of Central Europe, surrounded by the countries of Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Present day Slovenia is experiencing an economic growth because of its cultural and its location as a busy trade route.

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Slovenian culture is one of award winning writers, artistic painters, chefs, dancers, wine-makers, musicians, As a result of the citizenry talents and gifts, Slovania is a culturally enriched country.

The Slovenian landscape is one of snow in the mountains and at the same time, you can sun bathe in the Adriatic Sea. Bronze Age and Stone Age artifacts have been discovered within its territories.

Celtric tribes from the 3-4th centuries occupied this territory and the Roman Empire ruled Slovenia through its Christian and Roman empires. Slovenia experienced wars and foreign occupations by the Huns, Germanic tribes, and the Mongolians. The Franks, a Germanic tribe ruled Slovenia as an independent country by cutting it off from western Europe and began its independence.

The 19th century gave rise to the development of a successfully industrialized country, which propelled the Slovenian people into a developed nation. No longer under Communist rule, Slovenia became the independent Republic of Slovenia and today experiences freedom, led by its President, Janez Jansa.


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