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Due to the location of Romania, this country has experienced many invasions from tribes and armies, migrating through the European area. These invasions included the beginning of the Dracula stories, through the bloody Transylvania and Walachia history of Vlad the Impeller's fight against the Ottoman Turks and Hungary.

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Romania's earlier education came from The Roman Empire conquests, which enforced Latin as the people's language. Since the 1800's, Romania's citizens, tried to remain neutral in many wars, which included WWI, WWII and the Warsaw Pact of 1968. They were betrayed by other nations and as a result, experienced great physical and economic loss.

Romania's rallying citizens, were the forerunners of labor constructed parties, such as the National Christian Democrat Peasant's Party, the National Liberal Party and the Romanian Social Democrat Party, all of which have led this nation toward social and democratic reforms.

The 2012 Romanian culture, is filled with old traditions and rich folklores. Its citizens continue to remain in small towns and villages, using horse-drawn carts and farming.

Balkan Romania today, continues in unrest, with its citizens demanding better healthcare and better government.

They are experiencing cuts in employment and wages, but with hopeful optimism for its 2013 exports. Hungarians, Gypsies, Germans and Ukrainians are the main occupying citizens of Romania. Its 2011 population growth was 19.5 million people, down from 21.5 million in 2010.


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