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  • Lisbon Airport EP
    Complete guide to Lisbon Airport also known as Humberto Delgado Airport or Portela Airport, including details of departures and arrivals, information about transport, car hire, parking, airport hotels, airport maps, terminal and services.

  • Euromkii
    Ceramic items include vases, dinner plates and lamp bases.

  • Portugal Property Sale
    A site dedicated for selling or renting a property in Portugal.

  • Stoneply
    Marble producing company in Portugal.

  • Vodafone Portugal
    The homepage of the well known communication provider, Vodafone; written is Portuguese.

Portugal Web Directory

Portugal has been in existence since 30,000BC, with its inhabitants farming and hunting. Celtic tribes, Phoenicians and the Greeks, all traded with Portugal, but it was the Romans who invaded this land. Romans ruled until the 5th century, when the Germans invaded, followed by Jewish/Germanic rulers.

Portugal web directory

The marauding Moors from North Africa, invaded this peninsula and ruled for many years, introducing cultural advancements. In the 11th century, Portugal or Portucalae, gained its independence with Lisbon becoming its capital in the 13th century. Portugal's 17th century was quite prosperous, until the middle of the 18th century when a divided Portugal had its first civil war.

With the help of the European Economic Community, a forerunner of the European Union, Portugal regained their financial independence and today has a population of over 10 million.

Portugal's ethnic mix today, consists of the descendants of occupying tribes, which included Celtics, Arab, Berber, Jews, Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and earlier African immigrants.

Today, Portugal leads in gold products, with exports which include clothing, footwear, machinery, chemicals, hides, cork and paper products. They lead in the world's use of tungsten and is the eighth largest producer of Port, Madeira and other fine wines. Portugal's main export and import partners are Spain, Germany, Italy and France.