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Norway Web Directory

Norway borders Sweden, and Russia, its population is about five million people. Norway is quite rough in its layout and formation due to the natural landscaping that occurred by prehistoric glaciers. It has many fjords. The land is mostly comprised of hard granite and rock.

One cannot think of Norway without thinking of the Viking seafarers. Today, Oslo, Norway is home to the Viking Ship Museum and houses the Gokstad ship

Norvegian web directory

You will find the Akershus Fortress and Castle which is a world renown fortress built for protection and also served as a prison as well as the National Gallery in Oslo. The National Gallery constitutes Norway’s largest display of the arts. In Northern Norway which is home to the Sami people also called Lapps, reindeer sledding and lasso throwing championships take place in Finland, Norway.

Vacationers love to stay in the cottages, holiday houses, and fisherman cabins throughout Norway. Norway is a premiere destination for skiers from all over the world during the winter. In late autumn and early spring the Northern Lights take place in Norway. In the summer the sun does not set over the Arctic Circle because of this it is daylight twenty four hours a day during Norway’s summers.