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In the Dutch language the 'Netherlands' means "low country". The Netherlands have been named fittingly more than one half the country is less than one meter above sea level. One village Giethoorn has no roads, the canal system provides transportation by boat only and the village has been called the "Venice of The Netherlands."

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Some of the most famous painters known have come from the Netherlands such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. There are over one thousand windmills in the Netherlands which also is the #1 producer and exporter of tulips in the world. and is also home to the largest flower garden in the world which is Keukenhof park.

Dutch is the official language and the Euro is used for currency in the Netherlands.

With a population of over 16 million the Netherlands is sometimes called simply Holland, however Holland is a province in the Netherlands, divided into North and South. The capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.

One of the largest natural gas fields in the world is near Slochteren and has added to the wealth of the country significantly. The Netherlands is rich in color and culture. Carrots a vegetable eaten all over the world were never Orange before having been produced in the Netherlands, bred as a tribute to the House of Orange which led the Dutch Revolt against Spain. Orange is the official color of the Netherlands.


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