is a comprehensive portal that provides detailed information for tourists planning to visit Budapest, Hungary. It is available in different languages, namely Deutsch and Magyar, and provides engaging descriptions and relevant information about attractions, cultural activities, events, restaurants, nightlife, shopping places, pubs, bars, and casinos in the city.

The website is organized into several sections making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. The 'Things to do' sections offer detailed descriptions and suggestions for sightseeing, local events, dining venues, and various entertainment options in the city.

Another valuable inclusion in the portal is the 'Travel' section, which provides information on traveling to Budapest, getting around the city, airport transfers, car hire services, and more. Additionally, there are details on embassies and guidance for handling emergencies, all aimed at enriching the travel experience and ensuring travelers' safety and convenience.

In terms of accommodation, offers an extensive selection ranging from luxury hotels to affordable rental apartments. It includes a list of hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, youth hostels, and long-term rental options. An online booking option is also available, allowing visitors to secure their preferred accommodation in advance.

The website also features a comprehensive city guide that contains a wealth of information about the attractions and culture of Budapest. This section has an array of city maps, guides, multimedia content such as pictures and videos, and detailed descriptions of Budapest's surroundings.

The recreation section of the portal focuses on the recreation options available in the city, including spas, private clinics, and even options for tourists seeking dental services during their stay.

Verdict: is a handy tourism information portal designed to enhance any visit to Budapest. It offers extensive details about sightseeing, dining, stay, travel basics, and more, making it a valuable resource for any traveler intending to explore the diverse offerings of Budapest. However, it should be noted that the website does not provide an in-depth review or quality rating for the recommended places and services. Visitors may also need to cross-check information for its current relevance, as travel guidelines and available services can change over time.