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Hungary is the home of the worlds largest thermal cave systems and thermal lakes. Lake Heviz is the second largest thermal lake in the entire world. After decades of communist rule Hungary held their first multiple party elections in 1990. Roman Catholics make up over fifty percent of Hungarians with Calvinists coming in second place. In history there have been a total of thirteen Hungarian scientists whom have received the Nobel Prize.

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Vitamin C and the worlds first artificial vitamin was invented by Albert-Szent Gyorgyi whom received the Nobel peace prize in 1937. Other notable contributions by Hungarians include the ball point pen, and every child’s beloved toy The Rubik’s Cube.

Forint is the currency used, you may exchange currencies at the airport. Architectural buildings decorate the landscape. Hungary is claims fame as the city which is home to the largest synagogue, The Great Synagogue. Hungary also houses Esztergom Basilica, the tallest building in Hungary and is the 18th largest church in the world.

Other attractions include Castle Hill, Buda Royal Palace, Margaret Island and the Chain Bridge. Along the Danube the Szentendre offers access to 24 museums. The flag of Hungary is red, white and green. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary but English is largely spoken in the city of Budapest.

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