Greeka is a comprehensive travel planning service specializing in travel to Greece. They offer a range of services including ferry ticket booking, tailor-made island-hopping tours, and car rentals. The company provides well-rounded information to aid tourists in planning their trips, offering details on numerous destinations, travel information, hotel recommendations, dining options, and community articles.

The company has a particularly focused service to organize island travel, highlighting some of the most picturesque islands in Greece. They provide a comprehensive guide on each island, including the best sightseeing spots, best beaches, selection of hotels, restaurants, tours, and activities to engage in. The service is designed to familiarize tourists with the key attractions of each island, providing them with a one-stop solution for all their informational needs.

Another standout feature of Greeka is the detailed information they provide on ancient sites in Greece, making it very convenient for history buffs and curious travelers alike to plan their visits. This feature underlines the uniqueness of Greek heritage and culture. Additionally, the company caters to those looking to explore mainland Greece.

Greeka also has a community-oriented approach, inviting users to become a part of their community. This allows for a more collaborative travel planning experience where users can share insights, and exchange tips and suggestions based on their personal experiences.

Their website plays host to a vast array of destination options both islands and mainland cities giving users an extensive selection to choose from. Whether you are looking for islands in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea, a mainland destination, or the vibrant city of Athens, Greeka has got it covered.

All in all, Greeka functions as a one-stop solution for planning an unforgettable holiday in Greece. It is a reliable platform designed to provide a hassle-free and enriching experience for tourists, effectively helping navigate the rich and diverse landscapes of Greece. From finding the best islands to visit to helping tourists discover little-known ancient sites, Greeka is an informative and efficient guide for all things Greece.