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The country of Greece has a population of about eleven million. The largest city in Greece is Athens which also is the capital city. Greece has a long history and is known for many things such as literature. The language of the Minoans one of the first civilizations in Greece had a written language that to this day archeologists and other historians have not been able to decode.

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One very famous writer from Greece is Homer whom authored The Odyssey. Greece is a country that has birthed many philosophers, playwrights, authors, and artists.

One of the most famous claims Greece can make is that it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The first games are known to have been played in 776 BC. Today football and basketball are the most popular sports throughout Greece. Voting is required by law in Greece and is not optional. In Greece the dead are always buried as cremation is not authorized by the Orthodox Church.

Greece has active volcanoes and rock formations dated over 150,000 years ago. Delphi is the most renown archeological site in Greece and was once called the center of the world. Many visit the Oracle and The Temple of Apollo. Greece offers past history with a modern culture that enriches its visitors making it one of the most popular tourist destinations visited in the world.


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