is a large media outlet, providing a diverse range of news categories to keep its readership updated and informed. The primary focus is on current news stories, accessible from the homepage which is easy to navigate and user-friendly. covers various categories in news, including politics, regional interests, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and more. It provides specific details and updates, offering readers an extensive selection of stories. The website also offers a weather feature, with climate updates and weather forecasts readily available. A search feature is included, allowing users to rapidly find content relevant to their specific interests.

Another prominent feature of is its sports category. The sports news segment is exhaustive, covering a wide array of sports including football, basketball, handball, wrestling, eishockey, poker, and NFL. This category is further divided into subsections pertaining to different leagues and teams. There are latest updates and highlights from multiple football leagues such as the Bundesliga, Champions League, and Europa League, among others. The website also covers other international and regional sports, as well as player profiles, making it a condensed hub for sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, provides lifestyle-related advice and guidance, targeting a wide range of topics under health, sex and love, and auto. This highlights their initiative to provide informative and high-quality content to readers beyond hard news.

There's also a host of video content on the site's 'Mediathek' that enables visitors to visually engage with the news. The BILD shop offers BILD-related merchandise and ePapers, further enhancing the interactive experience. is equipped with a log-in feature, allowing for a personalized user-experience. Registered users can receive newsletters for daily updates and can actively participate in the BILD community.

Overall, is an inclusive news website covering a broad range of topics, helping users stay updated on various fronts. Its multiple features such as weather updates, personalized experiences, merchandise, and a news library of various domains make it an engaging and resourceful media platform.