GLS Campus Berlin is a language school located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. They offer a variety of German courses, catering to a large audience including children, teens, and adults.

The German courses can be split into two categories, in-person classes in Berlin and online German courses. Both options offer a comprehensive study of the language. The physical classes promise a unique cultural immersion experience into the heart of Germany. On the other hand, the online German courses offer a more flexible solution for those who cannot travel to Germany or prefer to learn remotely.

The school also has a wide scope, with courses aimed at different demographics. They offer German for adults, both in Berlin and online. They also have German courses for kids and teens. Accommodation is available for both adults and juniors studying at the campus in Berlin.

Apart from teaching general German, GLS Campus Berlin provides business German courses, catering to the specific language needs of companies and journalists. Additionally, they offer courses focused on the TestDaF (The Test of German as a Foreign Language) and telc German test preparation. Special emphasis is given to B1, B2, C1 levels in both these courses. They also offer an internship in Berlin programme, further enhancing the offering for those interested in gaining experience in the German work environment.

Furthermore, GLS Campus Berlin offers language courses in several languages which include English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and much more. This showcases the school's dedication to fostering multilingual abilities among its students.

The school premises also houses a boutique hotel, providing an easy living solution for students who choose to stay on campus. The premises also have architectural significance, adding an element of historical appreciation to the learning experience.

User reviews and feedback for the school is made available on their website, offering potential students insight into the experiences of former students. Pricing is transparent with delineation between adult and junior courses, and special offers are occasionally made available.

Prospective students or guardians can easily contact advisors if they have any queries or wish to enroll. An added convenience for international students is the provision of information and assistance regarding visas for students who plan to enroll in the campus in Berlin.

In conclusion, GLS Campus Berlin offers an extensive range of German courses catering to a diverse audience. It provides both traditional in-person learning experiences and modern online learning solutions. The school seems to provide well-rounded support, evident from clear and comprehensive course information, accommodation solutions, and visa assistance.