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Germany has a population of 81 million people spread throughout 16 states. The Celts are believed to have been the first people of Germany. The largest city, also the capital is Berlin. The Berlin Wall separated West Berlin from East Germany and East Berlin was destroyed around 1990. Other large cities in Germany include Munich, Hamburg and Cologne.

German web directory

The main roadways are called Autobahns and are similar to American expressways but differ in the laws regarding speed limits. It is mandatory to have first aid training in order to be a licensed driver in Germany.

The main exports of Germany are cars, machines and chemical products. Karl Benz built the first automobile in 1886, which had only three wheels. Today his name is attached to the ever popular Mercedes Benz. Another German Rudolf Diesel built the first diesel engine in 1897.

Germany was the birthplace of Beethoven, Albert Einstein and the Grimm Brothers.

Also a country that is famous for its sausages, beer and the Oktoberfest that it holds annually. Oktoberfest is a 16 day long festival that begins in late September. It is the worlds largest fair and is a large part of Bavarian culture dating back since 1810.