Axialis offers a vast range of over 110,000 icons for designing applications. Providing 'pixel perfect' icons, their product is suitable for businesses, designers, or individuals looking for high-quality icon design. Axialis features various software like IconGenerator, Screensaver Producer, IconWorkshop, and CursorWorkshop, each with its unique functionality.

Moreover, Axialis provides multiple icon sets ranging from the Fluent System 2023 vector icons to the Ribbons and Toolbars bitmap icons. Each category contains different numbers of sets, with some offering free sets for downloads, making Axialis a versatile source for obtaining icons.

One of the unique aspects of Axialis is its commitment to offering a variety of licensing terms, including registration and lifetime licenses. These factors enable users to choose the most suitable option for their needs. To facilitate users, Axialis also allows free downloads of sample packs from among their vast collection of icons.

Additionally, the product incorporates icons in different formats such as vector and bitmap, accommodating various customer preferences. The 'Axialis Fluent System 2023 Vector Icons' and 'Axialis Universal Pro Vector Icons' are two examples of their icon offerings in vector formats. The company is also providing free icon sets for users to sample their product.

To sum up, Axialis can provide a comprehensive solution for those seeking diverse sets of icons in various formats for their application designs. Its extensive library combined with flexible licensing options sets it apart from similar offerings and might intrigue those interested in this domain.