Evolis is a globally recognized leader in badge and card printing solutions. While it primarily specializes in crafting machines for card printing, the company also provides software and applications to expand its products' usability and functionality. Moreover, it offers consumables and signature pads as part of its extensive portfolio. It engages in producing plastic labelling solutions and orchestrates custom projects tailored to specific client requirements.

Evolis serves various markets including Corporate, Education, Retail, Finance, Government, Hospitality and Leisure. The company caters from transportation and healthcare sectors. The services are not limited to creating ID cards but also encompass printing employee badges, member cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and visitor access cards. Other specialized services include student ID cards, loyalty cards for retail shops, school ID cards and badges, driver's licenses, transit passes, bank cards and price tags.

Evolis' range expands to offer solutions for unique applications like event badge printing, digital signature processing, food label printing for hospitality establishments and labels for art exhibitions. The company also extends its services to print insurance and healthcare cards.

The company promotes itself as a dedicated supplier of identification solutions. They position their offerings as affordable, durable, and high-performance products. The company values its corporate social responsibility, which is reflected in its six core values.

However, what sets Evolis apart is its exclusive partnership program. Evolis offers a Red Program for Certified Partners, where organizations can become an Evolis partner and avail of technical training. The program allows for exclusive access to a partner website, fostering a community focused on the shared goal of creating superior badge and card printers.

To summarise, Evolis is a one-stop solution for various card printing requirements. Its services span across industries and incorporate cutting edge technology with enduring materials. It balances its global presence with a commitment to social responsibility and community building via its partnership programs. Whether an organization needs employee badges, ID cards, or digital signature pads, Evolis stands as a reliable choice.