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  • LeTour France
    One of the biggest events in France is the Tour De France. This site has all the information available if this is what you want to see.

  • Sarah Good Years
    A website with new quality deals for your own services to take advantage so as to buy on a new way. Should you have a financial project for your expenses you are on the right place to save your money on a daily basis.

    A French language website where you can easily compare revolving credit, car, home, renovation, debt consolidation and personal loans from all major trusted loan companies in France and find the one just right for your situation and needs.

  • Axialis Software EP
    Makes desktop related tools such as screen saver and theme maker.

  • Bali Je t'aime Villas
    Selection de villas sur bali et les iles voisines avec BALI JE T AIME. N hesitez pas a nous contacter afin de trouver ensemble votre location de villa. Large choix reparti entre seminyak, canggu, le bukit, ubud ainsi que les iles Gilis.

  • Centre Des Monuments Nationaux EP
    Offers a listing of French monuments with their location and details on visiting them.

  • European Space Agency
    This site carries a lot of news about Europe from life in space to expanding frontiers. It also has articles on events in everyday life.

  • Evolis EP
    Offers services of design, assemblage and sells plastic-card printers.

  • Foto Search EP
    Offer a variety of royalty free stock photographies.

  • France Hotel Reservation
    A list of places to stay. They range for the people who are traveling on a very small budget to those who have no budget.

  • French Senat
    Whether you live in France and want to know more about the senate or just curious about the French Senate this site has a lot of information.

  • Genes Diffusion EP
    Offers top genetics in the form of livestock for breeders.

  • Geographical Media
    Gives some information on France's most talked about companies. They will let you know about the population as well as local news and events.

  • HBI EP
    Provider of oleochemicals, fatty achids and castor oil.

  • InfoVista EP
    Provides level reporting and analysis management tools.

  • International Energy Agency IEA
    This organization was created so that countries could have clean, affordable and reliable energy. It was created in 1973 in response to the oil crisis.

  • International Fertilizer Industry Association EP
    Promotes efficient and responsible production and transportation of plant nutrients. Also, aims to increase agricultural production worldwide.

  • Reverso EP
    Makers of transaltion software Reverso, aimed for business and personal use.

  • WhatsUpGold EP
    A network management software for businesses.

France Web Directory

The history of France is greatly portrayed in the wonderful musical "Les Miserables," regarding a revolution and rebellion fought in the 19th century. The Romans initially occupied France, followed by Germanic tribes, then the Frankish kings, who gave France its name, during the 7th century.

Under a Christianity movement, Charlemagne was appointed King by the Pope in the 1800s. Louis the Pious too over the reign and divided France into sections for he and his sons until the Arabs from Africa raided France. Vikings raided France from the 9th to the 10th centuries. France continued to have successive take overs by England, but Parisians continued their underground movements which led to the Joan of Arc uprising.

French web directory

With each conquest of foreign influences, France continued to gain territories, the population grew and it achieved economic status. In between centuries of fighting, France lost many of its populous to illnesses like the Black Plague and other epidemics. France, in its fight against Britain, joined in the cause of the new colonists in America.

This involvement turned out to be quite costly to France, who taxed its people greatly. Unrest swept through France causing the French Revolution, when in the mid 1700's, a military leader was named, Napoleon Bonaparte. Following his rein, various Kings were appointed, then France entered WWI with a war on Germany, and had successive Presidents, until today.

The French population today is over 65 million, the largest in Europe and French is the official language. In addition to descendants of France and Spain, the ethnicity population consists of Celtic, Slavic, North African, Indochinese and Muslims.