The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) is a significant authority that oversees and facilitates the operations and activities involved in the navigation of the Rhine. The CCNR is actively engaged in initiating and conducting numerous programs and plays a key role in contributing to various regulations.

In June 2023, the CCNR organised a plenary spring session. The focus of the session was on the resolutions regarding the extension of mandatory electronic reporting on the Rhine, amendments to the Rhine Police Regulations, and the Rhine waterway. These subjects imply a strong thrust towards the digitalization and reformation of regulations associated with the Rhine's navigation.

Apart from contributing to resolutions and regulations, the CCNR also works on comprehensive reports that elucidate the current condition of European Inland navigation. As evident by the April 2023 Market Insight Report, drafted by the CCNR in collaboration with the European Commission, reflecting its proactive engagement in research and development to improve navigational practices.

Another area of activity for the CCNR is safety. In February 2023, it has launched a revised version of ISGINTT. The aim of ISGINTT is to strengthen the safe transport of dangerous goods at the interface between inland tank barges and other vessels or shore facilities.

Moreover, CCNR also focuses on the environmental aspects. In January 2023, it conducted a workshop on the impact of low water periods on Rhine navigation. The presentations made during this workshop, both online and in person at Strasbourg, were well-received and pointed to promising solutions to the persistent low water issues.

The CCNR also devises guidelines and regulations for river navigation. The Police Regulations for the Navigation of the Rhine (RPR) and Rhine Vessel Inspection Regulations (RVIR) are prime examples of regulations created by the CCNR to ensure safe and well-regulated navigation on the Rhine.

Lastly, the CCNR also has other ongoing projects focusing on reducing emissions, automated navigation, and providing needed resources for crew and staff. The variety of programs initiated by the CCNR shows its commitment to improving and streamlining the navigation of the Rhine across multiple dimensions.