Tracker is a comprehensive tool that provides public and private sector tender opportunities and intelligence. This resource caters extensively to both the UK and ROI markets, as well as providing insights globally. Tracker offers a variety of services, from spending analysis, award data, to bid management. It showcases commercial tenders, dynamic purchasing systems, and procurement consultancy.

The service proposes a membership benefit system that includes business intelligence (BI) and market analytics. Tracker offers a customizable dashboard for easier navigation and management of the vast amount of information it provides. Furthermore, it helps to foster timely communication through its features such as contact pipeline and reminders. For more extensive understanding of tender bidding, Tracker hosts bid webinars, aiding both new and regular businesses in the digital era of bidding.

An interesting feature of Tracker is its bid discovery mechanism. This is complemented by their marketing toolkit which assists businesses in engaging strategically with their target market. Additionally, Tracker has a robust sector-wise categorization presenting an extensive list of tender types. This includes NHS tenders, local authority tenders to specific niches like cleaning tenders, software tenders, marketing tenders, among others.

Comprehensively, Tracker offers a detailed archive of tender alerts, direct public spending system and frameworks, and BI market analytics data. The tool is designed to provide businesses with a range of tender possibilities- from government to private ones, from security to recruitment to legal tenders. Similarly, the service hosts resources dedicated to defence tenders, furniture and consultancy tenders.

For users looking to further understand the tendering landscape and improve their success rates, Tracker also provides valuable resources. These resources address common queries like, 'How to find public tenders?', 'How do public tenders work?', and 'How to apply for public sector tenders?' among others to help the users navigate through the procurement process efficiently. Moreover, it also provides guidance on more specific topics such as 'How to tender for construction work?'.

In conclusion, Tracker serves as a comprehensive resource for businesses, providing a variety of tender opportunities, valuable market intelligence, and user-friendly features. It is a hub where private and public sector tenders are easily accessible, well-organised, and where businesses can gain valuable insights into the tendering process.