The British Empire Introduction is a comprehensive analysis of the history of the British Empire. This site takes a comprehensive look at the evolution of the empire, highlighting its triumphs and humiliations, and the impact it had on the world. The analysis aims to understand the people, cultures, adventures, and forces that contributed to the power of the empire.

The site provides a balanced view, neither apologizing for nor reminiscing about the empire. Instead, it aims to examine the enormous institution that influenced the shape of the world as we know it today. The aim is to understand the empire in its many and varied forms across its existence and expanses.

The British Empire's influence as a positive or negative force in world history is not the focus on this site. Rather, it emphasizes the empire's transformative power, regardless of the subjective views about its impact.

The narrative emphasizes that the British Empire was never static. It consistently evolved, mutated, and changed in reaction to events, opportunities, and threats. As such, the site shows how the British Empire of the 1950s differed from that of previous centuries, including the 1850s, 1750s, and 1650s.

In conclusion, The British Empire Introduction offers a broad, in-depth look into the British Empire's history, acknowledging its constant evolution and the world-altering impact it had, all delivered with a clear, neutral viewpoint.