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Czech Republic Web Directory

The Czech Republic is in Central Europe, Prague is the capital and has a population of roughly 1.3 million people. It is bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Austria. The flag colors are red white and blue and the motto is truth prevails. Prague is a city that is a popular destination for tourists in 2011. It was the sixth most visited country in Europe.

Czech Republic web directory
Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known for its beer and the consumption of beer. It claims the highest beer consumption per capita in the entire world. The first brewery dates back to 1118. The country itself is not overly religious, it has been reported approximately one third of the citizens claim they had no religion.

The educational system of the Czech Republic has been ranked in the top 20 of the world. The economy is bustling with skilled and well paid jobs with most of the industries being privatized. The country can take credit for inventing the modern contact lens, the separation of modern blood types and the Semtex plastic explosives.

The Czech Republic has many beautiful castles to tour and a wealth of historical attractions to take in. For example The Prague Castle, House of the Black Madonna, Prague Zoo, and the Prague National Gallery.