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Belgium is the youngest nation of Western Europe, situated between France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, having gained its independence in 1830 and was renamed Belgium. The early territories of Belgium, then known as Gaul, were occupied by the Romans/the Holy Roman Empire, the Franks, Spain, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

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Queen Victoria's uncle, Leopold became Belgium's first King and this country soon became an industrial and economic power. Leopold also became ruler over the Congo and it was ceded to Belgium, following mass killings. The Congo soon revived and grew, making Belgium a neutral world power, which stood until Germany invaded Belgium in 1914.

Future German invasions left Belgium devastated, but it was raised again, with the help of allied forces. Today, Belgium has been governed by fragmented parties, which includes the Dutch in the north and the French in the South. Despite its division, Belgium operates daily with minimal interruption and is recovering from an economic downturn.

King Albert II is the figurehead while his son Prince Phillip and his wife, having given birth to a baby girl, who could assume the throne, now that women have been given equal rights.

Dutch, French and German are Belgiums official language and this interesting country hosts a population of about 11 million. The Flemish and the Waloons are the two major ethnic groups with political power.