APNIC is a comprehensive online platform offering a variety of digital services. It allows users to search its extensive whois database and manage IP addresses. The platform also makes getting an IP and making a payment convenient and accessible. The platform promotes the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, considering the exhaustion of IPv4.

In addition to these basic services, APNIC offers specialized training related to IP services. The APNIC Academy is instrumental in this aspect, featuring community trainers, a wide range of courses, and various events. It also offers a sponsorship program and maintains a strict Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, APNIC aims to stay on the cutting edge of digital technology. Their Labs section is dedicated to network security, offering solutions like DASH to safeguard networks and REx NetOX to resolve routing problems. Meanwhile, the Raw Data and Orbit features cater to community demographics and policy development.

There is also technical assistance available, bolstering areas such as root servers and security. Features like ISIF Asia and the APNIC Foundation emphasizes the platform's commitment to the broader internet community.

Lastly, APNIC offers comprehensive information about their operations through various avenues, including annual reports, service updates, corporate documents, and a glossary. Their attention to transparency and being a resource for information is evident. A dedicated Help Centre is also available for users needing assistance.

The platform strives to form a bridge between advanced digital solutions and user convenience, making it a important tool in today's digital age. The detailed and diverse nature of its services underlines APNIC's commitment to serving the needs of its users and the technology community at large.