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Hong Kong is located near China's southern coast. Geographically, it is enclosed by the Pearl River and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is one of the China's special administrative regions. The city covers approximately 1,104 squared kilometers, about six times the size of Washington DC. Hong Kong is a very densely populated area with a population of over 7.1 million and is one of the world's most exciting cities. The population is 100% urbanized.

Hong Kong web directory
Hong Kong

About 95% of the population is Chinese, with 1.6% Filipino, 1.3% Indonesian and other groups from around the world. Cantonese is one of the two official languages used in Hong Kong, and 90% of the people speak the language. English is the other official language. The religious landscape of the city consists of 10% Christians, and 90% local religions.

Although considered as part of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong has a different political system. The judiciary in Hong Kong is governed by common law. Its multiparty system is still developing. Its dependency on a free market economy has made Hong Kong a leading financial center. The Hong Kong dollar and the low taxation regimes have made the city a great area for international businesses.