FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a professional manufacturer that specializes in Aluminum Extrusion and Aluminum Fabrication. Trusted by clients globally, it offers a comprehensive range of products and services in the aluminum industry. The company appears committed to quality with a solid degree of trustworthiness, as suggested by their motto Always Worth Your Trust.

FONNOV ALUMINIUM's product portfolio includes various types of aluminum extrusions. For instance, it provides custom aluminum extrusions, aluminum tube extrusion and large diameter aluminum seamless tubes. In addition, the company offers T Slot Aluminum Extrusion and Aluminum Heatsink Extrusions. It also offers specialized aluminum extrusions including 7075, 7005 and 2024 Aluminum Extrusion.

Demonstrating further versatility, FONNOV ALUMINIUM exhibits capabilities in a series of finishes. They offer Wood finish aluminum extrusions, anodized finish, powder coating aluminum, and PVDF coating. These finishes cater to clients requiring different appearances and properties for their aluminum products.

Another prominent feature of FONNOV ALUMINIUM is the fabrications service, particularly CNC Milling. Their expertise in computer numerical control machining demonstrates the company's commitment to high-precision manufacturing.

Further proving its competence in the industry, FONNOV ALUMINIUM serves various sectors. These include the construction of aluminum window extrusion profiles, aluminum door extrusions, extruded aluminum for pergola, aluminum railing extrusions, and many more. It also provides profiles for roller shutters, partitions, and solar shading louvers. Specific to the transport industry, FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides trailer and truck trailer aluminum extrusions. Automotive and aerospace aluminum extrusions are also included in their range.

In addition to these, FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides aluminum system solutions such as the Baffle Ceiling System and Aluminum Metal Ceilings. They also supply useful products including aluminum tool boxes, fences, aluminum slat gates, and aluminium battens.

Overall, FONNOV ALUMINIUM is a versatile and proficient provider of aluminum extrusions and aluminum fabrication. Boasting a diverse product portfolio and the capability to serve several industries, it is a promising choice for clients in need of reliable and high-quality aluminum products.

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