The website, Personal Development for a Better Kenya, is designed as a platform to encourage personal growth as a means of fostering positive changes in society. Enlivened by the motto 'Become A Better You, Build a Better Kenya!', the site proposes that rather than seeking answers outside of oneself, the solutions to societal issues often lie within the individual. Indeed, the website underscores the idea that personal growth contributes to the national development of Kenya, and ultimately, an improved world.

The website's primary focus is on personal development grounded on the analogy of a candle penetrating the darkness, representative of the transformative illumination that good character imparts. This belief is juxtaposed to political rule characterized by power, instead favoring personal development which speaks the language of love and compassion. The motivation of the site, encapsulated by Ghandi's empowering quote Be the change you wish to see in the world, serves as a catalyst, endeavoring to inspire personal transformation through leading by example.

The site offers a personal development program which entails straightforward and practical methods to stimulate personal growth. The methods presented on the site are easily incorporable into everyday life, making them accessible for participants. By inviting users to join their expanding network of people dedicated to personal and societal transformation, the website fosters a sense of community and shared objectives.

Additionally, the website utilizes social media as a force to promote peace and unity through the Facebook Peace Group. The group is both an acknowledgement of the potential negative effects of social media in escalating division and hate, as well as an instrument to transform this narrative into a powerful force for good.

Overall, Personal Development for a Better Kenya delivers a compelling vision for individual and societal growth. By cultivating personal transformation, the site aims to inspire and instigate positive changes within Kenya and world-at-large. Its user-friendly and practical methods for personal growth also provide a realistic avenue for participation.

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Scolar Nginya
United Kingdom