Windows to the Universe is a comprehensive educational platform provided by the National Earth Science Teachers Association. It offers an extensive range of topics related to earth science, space, planets, nature, physics, chemistry, biology and many more. Additionally, it also covers various eras of human history, from ancient times to the modern era.

The platform offers different levels of complexity to cater to learners at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. This stratification of content allows learners to navigate according to their level of expertise and understanding, which promotes a custom learning experience. It also encourages different age groups and expertise levels to engage with complex subjects at a pace suitable for them.

Windows to the Universe's appeal is in its breadth and diversity of resources. Beyond the informative content, the site also provides multimedia resources like images and links to relevant news articles and external resources for further learning. A important feature that sets it apart is its rich section dedicated to 'Myth Exploration' that links scientific phenomena to world mythology.

The platform also encourages interaction through sections like 'Ask a Scientist' and 'Citizen Science', creating an engaging atmosphere for young learners who are keen on science. The website also offers a unique blend of art and science, with sections dedicated to 'Art Links' and 'Clouds in Art,' promoting creativity and alternative ways of understanding scientific phenomena.

The presence of blogs and an e-newsletter serves to keep users up-to-date with any new information or events related to the field of science. Teachers could find 'Windows to the Universe' particularly useful with web seminars, activities, workshops, and research quotations to support their lesson plans and classroom activities.

Moreover, the platform also offers a 'Scientists in Schools' program, fostering a closer connection between education and scientific professionals. This program can greatly enhance the learning experience, providing students with first-hand expertise and a practical understanding of scientific concepts.

While it offers a treasure trove of information, the enormous amount of content can be intimidating for some users. The in-depth material and the vast categories necessitate a good amount of time to sift through and locate what one is looking to learn.

In conclusion, Windows to the Universe provides a comprehensive, interactive, and accessible platform for those looking to learn about a diverse range of scientific topics. Its integration of art, mythology, and active learning opportunities create a unique and engaging learning experience, making it beneficial for both independent learners and educators alike.