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Space is a vast and mysterious place full of all kinds of things that don't exist on the Earth. There are many things in space to interest someone. Stars that are lightyears away, the other planets in our solar system, the probability of life existing elsewhere in the universe, the properties of a black hole, or the estimation of when the Earth will become uninhabitable all are reasons to want to gather more information about space.

With space travel becoming a reality in recent history, many questions people used to have about what was out in space have been answered and verified. New definitions of terms have expanded the way we think about the universe and what's beyond the Earth's sky. Still many mysteries remain as our stretch into the wide reaches of space still remains limited.

With recent technology and methodologies, astronomers and physicists have been able to predict locations of new planets and solar systems based on various methods such as watching the noticeable light shift in a star due to it being pulled by its orbiting planet. With all kinds of new technologies being developed and engineered every day, outer space becomes less of a setting for science fiction television series and more of a setting for cutting-edge scientific research and technology.

In a few years, if the development of space ships continues like this, regular people will be able to travel into space as if they are on a holiday. It is the mysterious fog which surrounds the Outer Spaces that attracts us so much, people are thirsty for information and they always want to explain the things that seem not to have an answer. Two of the questions that tormented humanity for thousands of years were "Does God exist?" and "Are aliens real?", and maybe the reason why people built space ships and explored the space was because they wanted to find out the truth.

Nobody knows what else can astronauts discover in the Universe, it is absolutely huge and all they know is that it is endless. There are only a few planets in our Solar System where life is nonexistent, thing which makes us think that we are the most evolved species in the Universe, but since it is incommensurable nobody is able to tell this for sure.

The Big Bang theory is one of the theories that may explain how the Earth appeared. Scientists believe that at first the Universe consisted in only a small particle that finally exploded and kept on expanding for billions of years, reaching its actual form. They also believe that once the expansion process is over, they Universe will contract to its initial form. Regardless of the countless hypotheses, the Universe still remains one of the biggest questions to be answered.

With a web directory listing results about space, the possibilities are countless. Find resources on the historical space races, what ancient people thought of space, the newest types of telescopes for seeing into space, the detailed descriptions of the formation of stars, or the newest data collected about newly discovered planets and solar systems. With the kinds of information found online, space can become less of a mystery and more of a realistic topic of study and interest.