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  • My Power UK: Solar Energy
    Providing businesses with Solar Panels. Renewable energy saves on costly electricity costs and also helps the environment.

  • Popular Science
    Features different current technological advances, but it also features plans for different technological advances that are set to be made in the future.

  • Transducer Techniques
    Offers a complete selection of force and load measurement solutions including load cells, beam load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, signal conditioning, displays, and data.

  • Aerospace System Design Laboratory
    Part of Georgia Tech, the website offers insight into the design laboratory's constant pursuit of innovating aerospace machinery and devices. Programs, news and opportunities available.

  • Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology
    Official website of the institute that tries to improve the condition of women involved in the world of technology.

    Browsable online library with an open access to 893,193 e-prints, downloadable in various formats. It covers fields like technology, computer science or physics.

  • Azacycles
    A company that aims to find treatment options and possible alternative cures for leukemia. It focuses on nanoparticle structures in medication.

  • Center for NanoSpace Technologies, Inc.
    Non-profit foundation that aims to educate in the fields of aerospace, education, energy, life sciences, shipping and transportation. Research opportunities are also available for interested parties.

  • CiteSeerX
    Digital library and search engine providing scientific literature, focusing primarily on the fields of computer and information technology.

  • CNN: Technology News
    Various technological topics which range from green technology, to even new innovations to current products.

  • ComSci, LLC
    Delivers Technology Financial Management solutions that empower organizations to implement more effective IT financial governance. Through decades of experience and a suite of web-based tools, ComSci helps IT organizations enhance IT cost transparency and visibility, which in turn enables business units to understand and optimize demand and utilization of technology resources.

  • CORDIS Nanotechnology
    Archived Nanotechnology Homepage of the European Commission. Even though it's not updated anymore, it features interesting information on nanotechnology available at the time it was last updated.

  • DryWired
    An LA based firm that customizes and distributes over 100 different advanced protective and insulating nano coating technologies.

  • Engadget
    Online link that presents the latest news and reviews in things related to gadgets and gizmos. It also showcases an online show as well as a podcast.

  • ePower-Propulsion
    Website that focuses on the fields of propulsion, power, and combustion. It offers resources for those interested in these fields and for people working in this niche.

  • Lifehacker
    Showcases tips about software, reviews of the latest apps, details about the newest gadgets, a do-it-yourself section and a section of courses about different computer related subjects.

  • Los Angeles Times Technology
    Newspaper's rubric that features articles centered on technology, offers a free registration and constantly posted materials.

  • MIT Technology Review
    Global coverage media company whose mission is to identify and inform the public through a large array of articles about the new, emergent technologies.

  • MIT Video
    MIT platform offering more than 150 channels of video content produced by the institute, treating subjects related to technology.

  • Nanodictionary
    Online dictionary that contains terms related to nanotechnology in all its forms. Contains complete definitions, along with a NanoPicture section for pictures, NanoCompany and NanoSite for companies and website, respectively.

  • NanoScout
    Discussion board and portal for the nanotechnology community. Offers a wide variety of categories and discussion topics, along with popular websites that are connected with this niche.

  • New York Times: Technology
    Newspaper's rubric that features articles centered on technology, offers constantly posted materials by a team of technology editorialists.

  • PC Magazine
    Online platform of the magazine offering content divided into sections like reviews, news & opinions, downloads or tips. Provides the possibility of subscribing.

  • PC World
    Content divided into sections like news, reviews, how-to, but also other sections more targeted on laptops, computers, phones and printers.

  • Percent Calculator
    Quickly calculate the percent of a number, the percentage change between numbers, sales tax, VAT, and more.

    Website targeted towards those who have a question related to computers. Offers free computer support by answering questions submitted by the public.

  • Retrevo
    Site aimed to help electronic shoppers by providing reviews about products and an easy to access shopping platform.

  • Technology Review
    Many different aspects of technology including the less reviewed bio-medicine. Featuring a best of the week section, this website offers easy access to their most popular topics at hand.

    Technology webpage that focuses on presenting its visitors with blueprints of most of the spacecrafts flown. Detailed blueprints and descriptions available.

  • Usenix: The Advanced Computing Systems Association
    Association offering to its members a neutral forum for discussions about technical issues regarding the computer technology.

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Technology Web Directory

Technology is the ability to use creativity and tools to control and adapt to the environment around you. From ancient technologies such as flints for creating fire and wheels for easing movement, humans have come a long way in creating and using technology.

These days, modern technology allows us to talk to people anywhere at anytime, whether we're sitting at the computer, on an airplane, or stuck in a long line at the store. We can explore space, play games with friends across the country, listen to music with only a small piece of equipment wherever we want, and store expansive amounts of data onto tiny computer chips.

Modern technology is a part of everyday life with cellular phones, media players, video games, computers, and automated machines everywhere we go. Technology pushes science forward with new research opportunities created by new tools and ideas. Technology saves us time, energy, and money with new ways to gather and expend energy from all types of natural sources. Technology gives us the ability to communicate more easily with online connections available anywhere in the world. Technology changes how we have fun with new interactive games and visual entertainment options.

A century ago, people didn't even dare to dream about inventing intelligent pieces of machinery that could significantly make their lives and work easier. It is incredible to see that development in the technology field takes place with such a great speed and effectiveness, new gadgets and software are released to the public every day. If the development continues this way, the Digital Era will be indeed based on computers and cell phones, and who knows what the human mind is capable of inventing in the near future?

It all began with the first space ship that was able to leave the Earth around 4 decades ago, this being the biggest discovery in the field of technology that the human kind achieved by the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, fulfilling people`s dream of exploring the extraterrestrial space and maybe even find answers to their questions. This discovery brought a major contribution regarding the Universe. Besides these benefits, unfortunately technology has also affected the environment, pollution now being one of the major problems of humanity.

When it comes to technology, we tend to think of computers, laptops and cell phones but actually the area is more vast than this. Cars, printing presses, TVs, microwaves, sophisticated medical equipment, electrical tools or credit cards are only a few of the indicators which show how much the human kind has evolved for the past centuries. There have even been released on the market a few dictionaries that explain terms from the field of technology.

There is no aspect of life that technology does not affect, and with the world rapidly moving forward in today's age of electronics and technology, it can be hard to keep up on all the new advancements and ways you can use technology to enhance your living experience.

With a web directory of technology resources, you can make sure to never miss a new announcement or catch up on tech you may have forgotten about or passed up by having access to a collection of information from around the web.