Executive Director of The Ella Lemelbaum Institute of Immuno-Oncology and Melanoma in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer
. Prof. Markel is a leading oncologist in Israel and is a world known expert in the area of skin cancers as well as applications of Immuno-Oncology therapies. During the course of his training and work, Prof. Markel has gained deep knowledge and extensive experience in providing cancer treatment. He is unique in his ability to integrate clinical expertise with original innovative clinical and biotechnological research. Prof. Markel has been initiating and leading multiple innovative research and development programs, all aiming towards better understanding the basics of cancer and ultimately finding novel treatment solutions. Prof. Markel is fully updated with all the latest global innovations and developments in his field. Being a board certified oncologist, executive director of a lead institute of novel therapeutic modalities for cancer and an Associate Prof. in Tel Aviv University, Prof. Gal Markel enhances a unique hyphenated innovation, medicine and research.

Business address

Einstein St 40, Ramat Aviv,
Tel Aviv,