TJs Services is a biomedical imaging company that offers a range of innovative services such as 3D PDF Models. Their goal is the preparation and presentation of information in new, improved, and cost-effective ways. Their distinct feature, known as the 3D PDF, offers experts ample flexibility in shaping the kind of information shared with families or presented in courtrooms.

To employ the service, users require a Mac or PC with Adobe Reader 9.5 or better installed. The use of the 3D PDF provides the user control over toggling objects on or off, altering positions of the camera, changing the background and lighting as well as object transparency. It interestingly allows the user to slice through the model and display the cutting plane, adding depth to the information sharing and presentation process.

The color-coordinated models from TJs Services, an example being the human brain, lets users easily recognize different parts such as the hippocampus, amygdala, caudate, thalamus, putamen, and the fiber tracts going through the corpus callosum. The detailed, vibrant visual aids further elevate the overall user experience. The company encourages feedback and inclusivity involving client projects and seems keen to hear about your projects.

In conclusion, TJs Services appears to be a cutting-edge provider in the biomedical imaging field, effectively combining technology and human anatomy understanding. While their services seem particularly beneficial for professionals in the medical and legal field, their interactive presentations could be beneficial for anyone needing a comprehensive understanding of human biology.