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Where there is a problem that needs to be solved, there is an engineer working to solve it. Engineering is understanding and applying mathematical, scientific, and technological knowledge to design materials, machines, or systems to solve problems and realize desired outcomes. Engineers do not just create new products, but they devise how new products could be used, maximize the potential and ability of a new product, design the way to produce a new product including the location and materials to build the product, and create systems to make sure that the product is created properly, efficiently, and safely.

With a world full of new technologies and quickly evolving sciences every day, the demand for engineering is greater than ever. With any object produced from the newest type of medicines to the lid on a jar of peanut butter, a team of engineers work to make sure the product is the best it can be.

Engineering can be considered both a discipline and a profession, but it also can be considered an art. The creation of new products and system can be both functional and expressive. Many engineers in history were also artists, and even today many new products and technologies can also be considered artistic. Sometimes the connection between engineering and art is very apparent, such as in architecture when buildings and other structures can be created to be both functional and aesthetic.

Throughout time, the definition of engineering as well as the purposes of engineers have been changing, and in the modern world this is a very important branch when talking about product development and inventions. Just like every other science, the evidence regarding the beginnings of engineering send us back in the ancient times, when inventions such as the wheel (invented by the Chinese people) were seen as a very important step towards evolution.

Engineering is a beautiful science, and some of the most important masterpieces of engineering are the Pyramids of Egypt, the Colosseum found in Rome or The Great Wall of China, which reflect how skillful and gifted the engineers are. These masterpieces are thousands of years old and have still managed to fight against the harsh weather conditions and not only, although they needed to be reconditioned, this being another proof of the fact that people who build them back then wanted to make something that would last for thousands of years.

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is an increasingly vital part of modern life, and engineering professionals are always in demand to solve a wide variety of problems. A web directory for engineering resources can give access to a variety of information on the technological advancements and products being created through engineering today, the history of engineering and engineers, and the career field of professional engineering.