ArisGlobal offers a cloud-based, end-to-end drug development platform named LifeSphere. The platform services are designed to optimise user experience by analysing traffic and remembering customer preferences. It provides a wide range of specialized systems and modules aimed at accelerating pharmaceutical research and development while ensuring compliance and facilitating collaboration.

Among the array of services provided by LifeSphere is the Multivigilance Intake and Triage, a tool that forms part of the safety module. Reporting and Analytics, Signal and Risk Management, and LitPro EV Triage are other elements included within the safety suite. The platform also offers an Intelligent Content Management system that promotes smarter management of data.

In addition to these, ArisGlobal provides a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), a function that streamlines the process of distributing safety documents reliably and efficiently. Other key aspects of the clinical module include the Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), aimed at making the trial processes more systematic and easier to manage.

Further benefits are found in the Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS), which aids in tasks including publishing, identification of medicinal products (IDMP), and reference data management. The company also boasts an Investigational Product (IP RIMS) and an Intelligent Content Management system to provide holistic support to organzations.

LifeSphere Medical Affairs tool is another offering from ArisGlobal that incorporates a Medical Information Reporter and contributes to the Clarity Signal and Risk Management initiative.

To support different types of organizations, ArisGlobal offers resources for various customers, from enterprise-scale to small and medium pharma companies, and even CROs and service providers.

Overall, ArisGlobal and its LifeSphere platform performs as a comprehensive tool for drug development companies, that integrates different functionalities to accelerate product development, ensure compliance and enhance collaboration efficiency, all aiming at delivering safer and faster breakthroughs. They are highly committed to having a positive impact on lives worldwide. Prospective customers have the option to request a demo and test out the platform for suitability to their individual needs.