ASTM International is a global organization that provides public access to essential standards utilized in the production and testing of personal protective equipment, among other things. This platform not only offers standards and publications but also houses Symposia Papers, STPs, Manuals, Monographs, Data Series, and Technical Reports. Their extensive collection makes them a go-to resource for individuals engaged in various industries requiring standardized guidelines.

Beyond publications, ASTM International also has a range of services to offer. These encompass a digital library, enterprise solutions, integrated services, ASTM Compass, SpecBuilder, and custom platform creation. The organization demonstrates keen market intelligence through services such as the Wohlers Report. Notably, a variety of laboratory services are provided, including proficiency testing and petroleum reference materials, further enriching the portfolio of this organization.

In terms of education and involvement, ASTM International offers various training courses, including international training, PE continuing education, and member and officer training. The organization is invested in fostering an involved community, with mechanisms for technical committees membership, meetings and symposia, and provisions for students and professors to publish with ASTM. The organization thereby extends its service to consumers, facilitating an understanding of ASTM through consumer participation initiatives.

In sum, ASTM International is a resource-rich hub for anyone requiring access to standardized guidelines and technical resources,-to stay-informed, to educate themselves, to validate their procedures or to become proficient in dealings with ASTM standards.