Treehugger is a comprehensive platform dedicated to sustainability. Their content spans across various pertinent categories including Environment, Business and Policy, Science, Animals, Home and Design, and Current Events. Under each of these broad categories are further subcategories providing in-depth insights, information, and discussions relevant to the topic. For instance, the 'Environment' section covers topics such as Planet Earth, Climate Crisis, Pollution, Recycling and Waste, and more.

In the sphere of business and policy, Treehugger focuses on corporate responsibility, environmental policy, economics, and food issues. They provide important insights into corporate roles and responsibilities in the context of the environment, which could be beneficial for businesses striving towards sustainability. Discussions on food issues are also the platform's forte, contributing to a better understanding of sustainable eating and agriculture.

Home and Garden section stands out with its wide array of topics such as natural cleaning, green living, sustainable eating and diverse gardening guides. It offers valuable advice for individuals aiming to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home. Their contents about science delve into aspects like space, natural science, technology and energy, offering a holistic perspective on the environmental implications of these fields.

Their concern for animals is evident with sections dedicated to wildlife, pets, animal rights, and endangered species. This gives readers insights into the urgent matters related to animal rights and wildlife conservation.

In terms of design, they feature sub-sections for eco-design, architecture, interior, and urban design. Information and discussions in these areas can be instrumental for individuals or organizations interested in imbuing their design philosophy with sustainability.

Treehugger also includes a 'culture' section, touching topics like history, travel, sustainable fashion, art and media and community issues from a sustainability perspective. Adding to their diverse offerings are sections about clean beauty products and a dedicated section for 'Tiny Homes', a popular sustainable housing solution.

To conclude, Treehugger is a comprehensive platform offering a wide range of information and resources on sustainability, promoting eco-friendly choices in diverse aspects of life like business, animal care, home living, policy making, and more. Its inclusive content range makes it a resourceful platform for anyone, from curious individuals to sustainability professionals, looking for credible information about sustainability.