InterNations is a global community designed for expatriates or those who consider themselves global minds. It currently spans 420 cities worldwide, including but not limited to Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Beijing, Chicago, London, New York, Sydney, and Singapore. It provides a platform for expats to connect with like-minded individuals in their respective cities and participate in various events arranged to strengthen their connection and increase their network on a global scale.

Established as a guide to each city, InterNations takes on a critical role in providing tips and information about each destination, making it a valuable resource for those who have recently relocated or are planning to move. From Amsterdam to Zurich, this platform assists users to become familiar with their new surrounds and integrate into society smoothly.

Aside from city-specific benefits, InterNations also serves its members globally. To keep its users connected wherever life takes them, InterNations operates in numerous countries including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, among many others. This emphasizes the wide-reaching influence of this social network, which provides comfort to users knowing they can connect with fellow internationals wherever they end up.

Moreover, InterNations has garnered a substantial following since its inception, boasting 5.1 million members from across the globe. This large membership base guarantees a substantial pool of internationals to connect and share experiences with. To ensure its members have the best experience, InterNations' platform provides an array of features and resources. This includes the provision to keep members logged in, thereby offering constant accessibility and convenience.

With its focus on fostering connections among diffuse internationals or expatriates, and providing quality information about each city, InterNations has emerged as an important network for those residing abroad. Its international span, coupled with its wide user base, makes it an accessible tool providing ease and companionship to global minds across various parts of the world.